Water Meter Rates

All rates are to be paid in full before water service is provided.
New Meter Set* (Residential) $625.00
New Meter Set* (Commercial/Agri 1″) $900.00
New Meter Set* (Larger than 1″) TBD

* A septic system permit from your county health department is required in
order to have new service set. This permit will need to be provided when
fees are paid and your application submitted.

Also, see Requirements for Meter Installation for more information.

Homeowner Deposit for Existing Service $210.00
       (Includes Association Membership)
Renter Deposit $100.00
Return Check Fee $25.00
Reconnect Fee & Service Charge for Contact Made $40.00
Meter Tampering Fee (1st Offense, fees increase each time) $100.00 Plus Supplies
Inspection Charge $30.00
Relocate Meter Box (residential) $250.00